Aust Ch Asleda Tuff As Steel


6/05/2000- 24/11/2006


 Chase was born into my hands on 6 April 2000 and crossed over in my arms on 24 November 2006.  From the time he was a puppy, we knew that Chase was going to be a very special boy. Chase has given us so much over his too short time with us.  Chase loved every creatures big and small and most of all he loved people.  He was just a pleasure to own, a great ambassador  -  a temperament he has passed on to his children and grand children.  Chase came into my life at a very difficult time as a breeder, a time when I was ready to give up. Without him, I don't believe I would have continued in the world of dog showing.  Chase was retired at his last Speciality in June 2006.

His passing made me very much aware that the animals who share our hearts and
homes are on loan.  They are with us only a short while, and then they go,
leaving us the better for the love and companionship they gave us. I thank you my Chasey for all the wonderful memories, for the unconditional love you gave me.  How I miss your soft "woo's - woo's" when you greeted me, the wag of your tail, those soft kisses and the way you always seem to smile.  I always thought that Chasey would be sharing our lives for many more years, but sadly it was not to be, and when he crossed over  he took with him piece of my heart. Thank you for being part of our lives. We miss you so much and will always think of you my beautiful, happy boy.  
Time will pass but you will be in our hearts forever.

Chase was our first home bred Champion.   He gained his Championship title at just 14 months of age from the Junior class.   Chase was a very handsome dog with a wonderful nature, powerful movement just like father Rudi.

Don't think of me as gone away,
My journey's just begun.
Life holds many facets,
This earth is only one.
Just think of me as resting,
From the sorrows and tears,
In a place of warmth and comfort
Where there are no days or years.
Think of how I must be wishing,
That you could know today,
How nothing but our sadness
Can really pass away.
Think of me as living
In the hearts of those I touched,
For nothing loved is ever lost,
And I was loved so much



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